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Affordable Housing

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Did You Know?

In the last 8 years, DC has lost 15% of its federally-subsidized affordable housing stock.

A DC resident earning the minimum wage would have to work 120 hours a week to afford a two-bedroom apartment.

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The Problem

The District is in the grips of an affordable housing crisis. An ever-growing number of individuals and families are homeless or at risk of homelessness.

Many have been driven out of our community because they could no longer find an affordable place to live. Others are living doubled up with friends or relatives. Still others have no place to live except the streets, their cars or an emergency shelter.

In 2012, an expert task force released a comprehensive housing strategy. Its main strategic goals are: “(1) preserve approximately 8,000 existing affordable housing units with subsidies that will expire by the year 2020; (2) produce and preserve 10,000 net new affordable housing units by the year 2020; (3) support the production of 3,000 market rate housing units annually through 2020

But the District's affordable housing supply is shrinking, not growing. And more than 26,000 households are on the waiting list for an affordable place to live. Some have been waiting for 10 years.

The Local Rent Supplement Program can help get these people off the waiting list. They're still waiting because the program lacks funds to support new affordable housing development.

Unpredictable funding for the program and dwindling revenues from the Housing Production Trust Fund are also part of the problem.

What We Advocate

For Fiscal Year 2013, SOME and our coalition partners recommend: