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Health Care

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Did You Know?

The infant mortality rate in DC is more than twice the national average.

At least 25% of DC adults have no regular source of health care.

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The Problem

Insufficient access to health care is a major problem in DC, as it is nationwide. The problem is especially acute for homeless and other low-income residents.

Without access to routine primary care, they are more likely to develop urgent health problems that require costly emergency treatment. They are also more likely to die from conditions that could have been treated if caught at an early stage.

The District has taken important steps to meet the essential health care needs of low-income residents. It has established a program—the DC HealthCare Alliance—to provide health insurance to those who are not eligible for Medicaid. It has also expanded its Medicaid program to cover more low-income children and dental care for adults.

What the District has not done is provide funding for reimbursement rates that compensate health care providers for the actual costs of treating Medicaid and Alliance participants. As a result: