Community Events

Included on this page are some of the recent and upcoming ways that local individuals and companies are supporting SOME and its programs for the homeless and poor in our community. This listing is not exhaustive, and SOME does not endorse or guarantee the events or products offered here.

If you, your business or your organization would like to host a community event for SOME, please contact Kate Wiley at [email protected].


Join us July 15-30, wherever you are! Please see the flyer above and register!

glimpses .pngGlimpses of Happiness

The human interest book that is a labor of love and laughter for the sole - will be donating a percentage of book sales to support the great services at SOME.

Featuring lighthearted, easy reading, Seinfeld-like vignettes about topics of everyday life. Humor that will make the reader smile and laugh and say yes, this can happen to me too!

Topics that everyone can identify with such as arts and entertainment, clothing and fashion, commentaries, communication, reading, writing, listening, speaking, dining, food, everyday life, families, babies, kids and children, medical, pets, events, socializing, sports, recreation, travel, transportation, weather and much, much, more.

The target audience for this book is far-reaching. From moms, dad, kids, doctors, lawyers, actors, comedians, movie buffs, teachers, just everyday folks.

As you read these lighthearted heartfelt glimpses into life I am sure you will find that everyone can relate to these in one way or another.

 "Glimpses of Happiness, Laughter for the Soul” is a book full of little time capsules reminding us where we were, and how far we have come, as a society riding a wave of transformation from the industrial age to the information age. These are reminders of our common heritage, and regardless of how our lives and those around us change, some basic emotions and rites of passage will always be the same. Thank you Jerome Perlmutter for capturing bits of Americana from our past, so that we can see the connections to our future

Order your copy or learn more about the book at - you can also contact them at their email, [email protected]