Holiday Volunteering

Thank you for your interest in volunteer opportunities at SOME this holiday season. To learn about our holiday drives, click here.

Here at SOME, all of our volunteer opportunities are available online for individuals and groups to sign up for on our very own VolunteerHub Calendar. Our calendar shows all possible volunteer opportunities within 30 days and adds a new day full of events each morning.

As of October 2021, in-person volunteering remains limited to protect the health of those we serve as well as our volunteers and staff. In-person volunteers must be vaccinated.


Unfortunately, we do not advance schedule individuals/groups beyond this 30-day window. There will be no exceptions to this rule as we move into the holiday season in order to allow everyone an equal chance at sign-up availability.

We are also in the process of accessing the needs of our other sites for the holiday season. We will be posting those volunteer opportunities on VolunteerHub, like many of our other volunteer activities. Please remember that most of these activities will be at another site of ours, different from the 71 O Street location.


Our main dining room is fully booked for volunteers on Thanksgiving and Christmas by Provide-A-Meal Groups. However, the days surrounding it are much slower, making them easier days to find a volunteer position serving breakfast or lunch with us. We would greatly appreciate your help on these surrounding days!



If you are unable to find an opportunity that fits your personal schedule or a shift that has enough spots for your group, we do apologize. However, we won’t leave you empty handed! Below is a list of other non-profit organizations in the District that take on regular volunteers. Hopefully one of these will be able to work for you!

  1. Bread for the City: [email protected]; 202-265-2400 (NW); 202-561-8587 (SE)
  2. Capital Area Food Bank: [email protected]; 202-644-9822
  3. DC Central Kitchen: [email protected]; 202-601-7314
  4. Food and Friends: [email protected]; 202-269-6824
  5. Mariam’s Kitchen: [email protected]; 202-452-8926 (x232)
  6. Martha’s Table: [email protected]; 202-328-6608
  7. Thrive DC: [email protected]; 202-503-1533
  8. National Park Service:
  9. Salvation Army: [email protected]; 202-269-6333
  10. N Street Village: [email protected]; 202-939-2076
  11. Housing Up: [email protected]
  12. DC Hunger Solutions: [email protected]; 202-640-1088 (x3014)
  13. Central Union Mission: [email protected]; 202-745-7118 (x245)
  14. Catholic Charities: [email protected];